The Sheltering Tree

Sheltering Tree

It’s Dorset 1834 and life is hard for the villagers of Tolpuddle, as they try to survive on starvation wages and desperate living conditions. The Sheltering Tree is a enthralling coming of age tale of Elizabeth Standfield, a 15 year old girl, who lives in Tolpuddle. However, her life is turned upside down when six of the villagers are transported  to Australia for starting a trade union, including Elizabeth’s father and brother. Also transported is James Brine, a local boy that she secretly hoped that would one day be her husband.  Facing starvation and the threat of eviction Elizabeth and her  remaining family turn to parish relief but are turned away. Facing adversity Elizabeth  must find the strength to support her family and  demonstrate tremendous courage to fight for justice. Most importantly, she must  not to give up on her dreams for a better future.

This book is driven by true historical events and characters. It is a story of strength, loyalty and love in the pursuit of equality and solidarity. 

The world famous Tolpuddle Tree
Sycamore Tree

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